About me

About Me


Hello, I'm Lennart

I am a Game Developer specialized in Scripting and Game Design. I love playing, discussing and making games. I also really enjoy the problem solving and collaboration that is needed to make great games.


Prior I worked as a registered Nurse with a masters in ambulance care. It was a valuable experience that developed my communication skills and I had to take a lot of responsibility. One similarity with game development that I enjoy is that I always encounter new challenges and learn new things every day.


Now you might wonder what do a "Lifesaving Ambulance Nurse/Soldier of the year" (check my CV for the last one) doing as a game developer. After ten years as a nurse I wanted to work with games which have been a lifelong passion of mine. It has been a lot of hard work but I do not regret a second of it.


Currently I am a game design student at FutureGames in Stockholm and available for internship from January to August 2019.