Ghost boxers






Unreal Engine


Team size

4 Designers &

4 3D Artists


Production time

9 days

Post mortem


Design goal:


We wanted to make a game that used the punching mechanic from boxing and mix it with the speed and chaos of air-hockey to make a fast-paced party game.


What could have been done better:


We did not research the sports we made the game for. When I did the research after the project I realized that we could have used the players knowledge of the sports in our design to “piggy back” and teach the players our game mechanics.


What went well:


We focused a lot on polish. Even thou it was a short project we managed to add a lot of "juiciness" to enhance the game feel and player feedback.

Animations and VFX


The punch animation hade two phases the start and the end phase. This made it possible to stay and charge in the end of the startPunch animation until the player wanted to release the punch.


I made notifications in the animations to start the VFX effects at the right time during the animation.

Main menu


I wanted to use the main menu to show off our beautiful assets and teach the player about the game. I used our beautiful game scene to set up a win scenario where the red team won and the blue team lost and put the pucks in the goal to show where to score.



I made a intro to let the player get ready before the game starts. I wanted to keep the UI as central as possible so it would be easy to se for the players. I also made it like a jumbotron to keep with the sports them.

Score and Round manager


The score manager handles the score updates and checks if the round is over. If the round is over the round manager checks who won the round and if any team have won enough rounds to win the game.